The Retreat Program



Why do we call our programs a retreat? Well, we like to think of this as your opportunity to withdraw from any confusion you may be experiencing with your current approach to healing. This is a time for you relax and allow the program to guide you back to health.

You’re going to discover in a short amount of time what took me YEARS to learn on my own. Each retreat is jam-packed with valuable information, recipes, audio tutorials and more!  Follow me, and I will lead you back to your the energy and zest for life you deserve.

The REPAIR Retreat:

This is step one – the best place to start if you are just beginning to make the connection between the food you eat and the way you feel. This retreat will help you recharge and take control of your health by providing you with simple additions to your hectic daily life.

You will learn to:

 replenish essential nutrients needed for repairing the body

 alkalize and detoxify the body

 avoid “trigger” foods that will prevent you from healing

 satisfy pesky cravings once and for all

 ease the body into healing mode with gentle movement exercises

 restore balance within the body, mind and spirit

You will also receive:

samplepages6  30 days of healing smoothie recipes + shopping list

◊  Additional nutrient-dense recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner + bonus snacks and drinks

◊  List of Essential Kitchen Tools

◊  Tips on How to Shop for Produce

◊  How to Cut and Chop any Veggie

◊  Video Demonstrations for gentle movement exercises

◊  Audio Meditation Tutorials for beginners

Here is what one of our participants had to say about the Repair Retreat:

“I just read through the whole program and it looks amazing!  With being so busy recently, I’ve really been slacking on preparing healthy meals.  I’ve been rushed and not taking the time to cook real “meals”, but have been grabbing food on the go.  This gave me the motivation to at least take simple steps back in the right direction!  I like that you recognize that not everyone has the time (or energy) to cook elaborate meals.  The smoothies are a great way to get a lot of nutrients.” ~ Emily “Thank you again for guiding me down this path. I am truly loving the control I feel over my life and the benefits that are already shining through!” ~ N.C. “I am really loving how I look and feel right now. My skin is radiant and I’ve lost 3.5 kilos. Thank you so much for giving me an abundant amount of information and support. My healthy, body and mind thank you!!” ~ Anonymous  

The REBUILD Retreat:

If you have been trying to clean up your eating style but find it pretty confusing or overwhelming, this is the one for you. The Rebuild Retreat provides you the essentials for creating a nutrition-based lifestyle that is spot on and leaves no room for confusion. By following the simple nutrient-dense recipes, you will find yourself with excess energy to burn. The Retreat cuts to the core of how to properly nourish yourself, all while enjoying delicious food. Your cravings will diminish, your sleep will improve and your aches, pains and fatigue will be left in the past.    

With The REBUILD Retreat you will learn:

√  how to rebuild your immune system using specific foods

√  why popular trends like ‘juicing’ and ‘cleanses’ can actually be dangerous

√  which foods are healing and which are damaging to the body

√  how to replace your favorite foods with healthy alternatives

√  the surprising benefits of certain animal foods when it comes to healing

√  which supplements you need and which ones are a waste of your money

√  specific movement exercises that actually reduce pain

√  techniques to reduce stress, get better sleep and heal faster

You will also receive:

samplepages2◊  30 days of gut-healing recipes

◊  List of Detoxification methods to speed up the healing process

◊  Video Demonstrations of movement exercises used to reduce pain.

◊  Audio Meditation tutorials to reduce stress and sleep better. 


Another satisfied participant:

“I have been feeling so much better than I did a few weeks ago!  I actually think one of my biggest struggles last week was trying to manage the increase in energy.  It has been difficult to get to bed on time on the days when I feel good and want to make the most of it.  It’s definitely required a little discipline!” ~ Kelley “After reading through your program and realizing how much it was resonating with me, it felt like the right path for me. I’m always finding myself kind of scattered in my thoughts about what to eat, and what not to eat. And when one’s brain doesn’t seem to want to work, it gets overwhelmingly complicated, lol. I am looking forward to learning more and to having all this information at hand!” ~ Nicki  

The RECOVER Retreat:

This is for those of you with chronic conditions. The Recover Retreat goes to the heart of all chronic illness – your gut. Doctors are now recognizing that the health of your gut is reflected in your overall health and if you are suffering from any chronic illness, it has stemmed from a gut that is damaged and off-balance. This Retreat is designed to heal you from the inside out, literally, it is specifically created to heal your gut through an easy to follow plan. This Retreat gives you the tools necessary to heal a “leaky gut”, re-establish healthy disease fighting flora, and re-create a strong healthy immune system that functions as it should. This Retreat has helped those who suffer from Lupus, MS, heart-disease, high blood-pressure, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Eczema, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Meniere’s, Auto-immune Thyroid Disease, and the list goes on. This Retreat will possibly give you your life back if you have been struggling with any form of chronic disease.

 With The RECOVER Retreat you will learn:

√  exactly what Candida is, and how it might be affecting you

√  how to test yourself at home for Candida

√  how to follow a specific diet protocol to rid your body of excess Candida

√  which foods are healing and which foods to avoid

√  the best supplements to use for ridding Candida

√  even more detoxification methods to assist your body as you continue to heal

√  movement exercises to help you regain strength and flexibility

√  state of the art techniques to continue creating balance in mind, body and spirit.

You also receive:

samplepages3◊  Candida At-Home Self Test

◊  Gut Repair and Anti-Candida Diet Meal Planner + Shopping List

◊  30 Candida-eliminating recipes

◊  List of the most effective herbal anti-fungal remedies

◊  Tips on what to do if you encounter a “healing crisis”

◊  Video Demonstrations of yoga-inspired movements to restore strength and flexibility

◊  Audio Tutorials teaching methods that will reduce stress, provide better sleep, and promote self-love   Each week throughout the Retreats, you will also receive an email, from me personally, to find out how you are doing and offer you MY ABSOLUTE BEST ADVICE, including:

◊  Tips on handling flares without any medication.

◊  Everything I know now, that I wish I’d known then.

◊  How to turn things around and create a life filled with vibrant health and happiness. …along with all of the guidance, inspiration, and support you’ll need for the entire 12-weeks.

You will also have unlimited access to our private Facebook group forum where you can share your experiences, chat with fellow Retreat Members and get any additional assistance you may need along the way.

“We’ve adopted many of the recipes and techniques on the Nutrifyforlife website. At 74, hypertensive, obese and pre-diabetic it was time for a change. Result– the weight has dropped, the A1C is normal and I’m feeling great again. And, the food is wonderful — delicious and satisfying.” ~ M. “This experience has been very isolating for me as there are very few people (like you said) who understand what I’m dealing with. That’s one of the most difficult things about this for me. Its really reassuring to know that others have walked in this path and have recovered. AND that there is now a path to FOLLOW. I’m just now learning that there are others out there with similar stories. I did the breathing exercise this a.m. and had a smoothie and am feeling hopeful :-). Thank You for creating this retreat!” ~ K.D. “This week I have been feeling GREAT! 😀  I’ve also forwarded your meditation and breathing links to my brother, who is having major heart surgery next week.  He’s seeing some benefits in easing his anxiety levels. Big thanks to you!” ~ E.S.

So, come join thousands of others as they Repair, Rebuild and Recover their health and vitality.

“You’ve done an amazing job on these. They are super complete, and then some, and truly great! thanks so much for all the time and thought you put into them.” ~ S.L. “Ok, I just started reading but let me just tell you that I love it!  I can “hear” you talking to me and that is so helpful and makes me feel good and calm. And that I’m going to be ok. I immediately jumped up and made the Radiant Skin Elixir smoothie and am sipping it as I read.” ~ E.P.   promo  

The BEST part is that you will receive ALL the materials at once!

Then I guide you through each step of the healing process. This ensure that no matter where you are in your own journey, you will have access to everything you need.



It was very important for me to keep this program affordable for you. I know what it feels like to be vulnerable physically and financially due to these diseases. No one wants to feel taken advantage of – ever! That’s why I have put together the best and most comprehensive program that you will find, a program that WILL give you results. All while providing it to you at a cost that most families spend just going to the movies.

Below is an example of just how expensive it was for me to be sick. Keep in mind, this just represents a 90 day period of time.


$870 in only 3 months! That’s $3,480 a year! And that’s not even counting additional procedures, emergency care, hospital stays, scans, etc.- If you have an autoimmune disease you know just how unpredictable it can be, and how a seemingly routine doctor visit can result in visits to numerous additional specialists.

Trust me, I know first-hand just how expensive being sick can be. The year I was diagnosed, I required exploratory surgery, 2 endoscopies, CT scan, MRI, 2 emergency room visits, and a bone marrow biopsy. I saw 6 different specialists in just 12 months and had countless medications prescribed (some that my insurance did not pay for). That year, I spent over $8,000 on my illness. And that was just ONE year.

I want you to keep your hard earned money, that’s why I am discounting this program to keep it affordable. By making this small one-time investment into your health now, you could save tens of thousands of dollars down the road. And with your renewed health, it will be much better spent on that trip you’ve always wanted to take, or that business you always wanted to start.

 Can you really afford NOT to make this investment into yourself, your life and your future…?

You are worth it!