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Join Nutrify for Life’s exclusive detoxification cleanse in gorgeous Sayuilta, Mexico.

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Reset in beautiful Mexico

The RENEW Reset Cleanse is an in-person nutritional cleanse for those living in (or visiting) Sayulita, Mexico. Our unique program focuses on providing nutrient-dense foods, juices and elixirs to gently—yet effectively—restore your body’s balance and flush vital organs.

The RENEW Reset focuses on restoring the body’s natural cleansing functions to eliminate excess toxins and fat. Just 5 days with the RENEW Reset will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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This cleanse is perfect for you if:

  • You have been tempted to try other detox cleanses but don’t want to ONLY drink juices and broth for days on end.
  • You’ve over-indulged lately and simply feel like your insides could use a little clean-up.
  • You want to avoid the harsh detox symptoms that often accompany more aggressive cleanses.
  • You want to hit the ‘Reset’ button on your health and regain energy and a sense of vitality.

How does it work?

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The 5-day Renew Reset includes freshly prepared organic foods, juices and elixirs that help boost nutrient levels and detoxify the body. The best part? For each of the five days all the food is delivered right to your door in Sayulita, Mexico!

Each meal has been carefully designed to not only taste amazing, but to provide you with the essential healing nutrients for an effective detox. In addition to full meals, are detoxifying juices, cleansing tonics and a whole host of super-foods to give your body exactly what it needs to thrive.


The cost of the RENEW 5-day Reset is just $4500mx or $225us.

This includes daily delivery (to your door) of everything you will need for the cleanse, personal assistance during the cleanse, and a big batch of recipes to incorporate into your routine following the cleanse

“This is a must do. Put it on the list!”

I was encouraged to try this cleanse by my girlfriend while she had signed up. I can say that this healthy re-set really works, and all of the food is great tasting. I have been a “meat and potato” person all my life and was really feeling the effects, externally and internally.

This cleanse has had a dramatic effect on me that is really noticeable to me even now after four months. I stayed very true to the outline for two weeks, even though the actual cleans is set up for five days. It really works to get rid of the build up of toxins, (I am sure I had plenty). I would recommend this to anyone wanting to feel better and actually see a benefit from just eating right. i still eat meat and potatoes, but not nearly as often. Give it a try, you will see for yourself!

“Awesome Reset!”

My husband and I both had a wonderful Sayulita “reset” experience with Nutrify For Life. We loved the fresh, delicious food we received every day and overall were very pleased with the physical benefits we noted throughout the week. Living a busy life in the land of tacos, it’s not always easy to be making the right choices for what we eat all the time. Katie’s program opened our eyes to what proper nourishment truly is and how much better your body feels when it’s being fueled with amazing, wholesome food. Thanks Katie – you’re the best!!! ~Wendy Jones

“Great experience and excellent food!”

Renew and Reset is the perfect name for this five day cleanse as I certainly felt renew and reset after five days of the DELICIOUS, beautifully presented selection of foods that were delivered to my door every morning. This is a well thought out and gentle cleanse that will help anyone get back on track to eating well and feeling great. ~Kerry

“By cleansing your body on a regular basis and eliminating as many toxins as possible from your environment, your body can begin to heal itself, prevent disease, and become stronger and more resilient than you ever dreamed possible!”Dr. Edward Group III

What will I eat?

The Reset focuses on providing nutrient dense foods, juices and elixirs to gently, yet effectively, restore your body’s balance and flush vital organs. The model for this Reset isn’t based on fasting, instead you are eating—the whole time! It is about real organic wholesome foods that assist the body in purging toxins and excess fat.

For each of the 5 days, you will have all of your food for that day delivered to your door. Each meal has been carefully designed to not only taste amazing, but to provide you with the essential healing nutrients for an effective detox. In addition to full meals, you’ll recceive green juices, cleansing teas and a whole host of super-foods to ensure your body gets exactly what it needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose weight on the RENEW Reset?

Yes you will lose weight on the Cleanse. Everyone is different and depending on your goals and activity level, results will vary. At Nutrify For Life, we focus more on how you FEEL rather than a number on the scale.

Can I smoke or drink while on the Reset?

The objective of any cleanse is to eliminate harmful toxins, therefore drinking and smoking are not recommended.

Can I drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages?

It is best not to consume any caffeine during the Reset, as it will interfere with the cleansing process and limit your results.

What if I am vegan or have gluten sensitivity?

The RENEW Reset is vegetarian and gluten-free, and can very easily be made vegan upon request.

I want to remain active through the Reset, will I get enough protein and calories?

You will get all the protein and calories you need from the veggies, grains, nuts and legumes. Your body will be well nourished throughout the Reset.

What are the side effects of a detox?

The RENEW Reset works at a gradual pace to ease the body into the detox process. Because the Reset is gentle,there are few side effects. If you do experience any, I am here to assist you and help ease any side effects you might have.

Is the Reset 100% Organic?

We use as many organic products as are available to us, we source the remaining produce from local farms that are specifically chosen for their sustainable growing practices.

How are the meals delivered?

Each morning you will receive your food, juices, and elixirs for the day. You will receive instructions as well as information about the foods and their amazing health benefits. All of the food is delivered in glass containers to further prevent unnecessary toxins from leaching into your food. The containers will be retrieved the following day when your next delivery of fresh food arrives.

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Hit the ‘Reset’ button on your health and regain your energy and sense of vitality. Delivered right to your doorstep.

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