The question I’m most frequently asked is,
“Can I really reverse something as serious as autoimmune disease?”

The answer is… Absolutely!

I know, first hand that it is possible. I also know how daunting it can feel to make even the smallest lifestyle changes when faced with daily pain and endless fatigue.

The National Institute of Health estimates that up to 24 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease. In comparison, cancer affects up to 12 million and heart disease up to 22 million.

Moreover, the incidence of autoimmune disease has tripled in the last few decades. That’s right folks, if you suffer from an autoimmune disease you outnumber heart disease, and double the number of cancer patients.

Autoimmune diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.

Potential triggers can include “harmless” chemicals, foods, medicines, and even sunlight, in addition to bacteria, viruses, and hazardous chemicals and pollutants. Read more about the role diet plays in Autoimmune Disease.

If you are struggling with autoimmune disease and looking to incorporate natural methods of healing, please pause for a moment, while I give you a standing ovation! You are one of the brave people who are willing to take accountability for your health, and in turn, reap the enormous benefits that will follow. So, keep moving forward! 

With your willingness to grow and learn, you have taken the first step towards reclaiming your life and making it amazing!

It’s for you that I’ve developed the Nutrify For Life program. With its holistic body, mind and spirit approach we can show you how to restore yourself back to a state of health and vitality.

Nutrify: (verb)  To give nourishment.

Hi. I’m Katie.

My journey into the world of natural healing has been a long and bumpy ride.

At just 20 years old, I was diagnosed with my first auto-immune disease, called Meniere’s, a crippling and debilitating inner-ear disorder, causing vertigo and severe hearing loss.

In the years to come, there were more bouts of mysterious illness followed by even more hard to pronounce diagnoses. I also began to struggle with Endometriosis and Fibroids – it seemed there wasn’t a single body part that was happy, and things just kept getting worse.

I became a life-sized lab rat and a professional pin cushion and had more needles stuck in me than I could count. The results were often inconclusive and warranted exploratory surgery, endoscopies, cat scans, MRI’s and even a bone marrow aspiration (ouch!). The results, once again, led to more questions than answers.

I was terrified. By the time I was 35, I struggled just to get my body out of bed most days. Even my down comforter felt like it was made of cement. “Fatigue” wasn’t a big enough word, I felt like I was always wearing one of those lead X-ray aprons. My joints and muscles hurt day and night, and most days, even my skin hurt too much to be touched. I couldn’t seem to tolerate sun exposure and my hair was beginning to fall out…

“Today I am living my dreams, pursuing my passions and finding joy and adventure in every day. I now have the ability to say “yes” to all that life has to offer. I want to help you achieve the same!”Katie, Nutrify for Life Founder

Finally, I was referred to a rheumatologist; and after many months and more tests, he diagnosed with me with both Lupus and Fibromyalgia, as well as the common tag-along syndromes of Raynaud’s and Sjögren’s.

I did the only thing I knew to do, which was to follow every order my doctor prescribed. I took all the pills he gave me and never missed an appointment, yet I wasn’t seeing any progress. In fact, I began having even more symptoms like hives, migraines and such severe brain fog that I actually got lost coming home one day. I was terrified that even with a diagnosis, this would be my life from now on.

The doctor seemed as puzzled as I was, so he suggested the next step in the treatment of auto-immune disease, which was to suppress my immune system even further, with chemotherapy. It baffled me that the solution to healing a dysfunctional immune system was to further suppress it.

It was then that I really began contemplating the idea of natural remedies. So, I discontinued all of the medications that had been prescribed to me. It was risky, but I knew I had to try something else, something that worked WITH my body, not against it.

I decided to test a theory I had uncovered during my months of research, and follow a specific protocol to heal my gut and re-build my immune system from the inside out. I certainly didn’t have anything to lose by trying it.

The results were nothing short of life-changing. Within a few weeks I was feeling more energy and less brain fog. As I continued with my protocol I gained enough energy to enjoy long brisk walks 3-4 times a week. I couldn’t believe the changes that were happening.

As things continued to improve, I was feeling better than I had in a decade. I was sleeping well, thinking clearly and I no longer needed a nap everyday. I was pain-free and exercising! It was nothing short of remarkable! In addition to the improvement of autoimmune symptoms, my digestion was the best it had ever been in my life, my skin glowed and my hair was growing back. My body was healing itself and over time I was able to completely recover!

The success of this diet and holistic therapy protocol led me to develop Nutrify for Life. I’ve worked hard to create a program that will eliminate all the guesswork and trial and error I went through. I can now share with you tools that will give you the same results I had, but in a much shorter time frame. For more information about my own journey, please read My Story – A Journey To Wellness.

It’s for you that I’ve developed the Nutrify For Life program.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your life!

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