Rebounding: Quite Possibly the Best Exercise – Ever!

Okay, I always love sharing things that I think are the best-kept secrets in health and wellness. This is definitely one of them.

We all know that exercise is beneficial to our bodies in so many ways – it helps us detox, prevents muscle atrophy, and it even helps to strengthen our bones –  not to mention the endorphins it releases making us feel great. But, if you are someone dealing with fatigue and pain on a daily basis, you have likely written off any form of exercise. Well, no more! This exercise is not only fantastic for improving your health, but the best part is that even if you are struggling with debilitating health issues, you can still enjoy the benefits of this exercise. 

Rebounding is a form of exercise that got its start back in the 80’s – you might even remember those “mini-tramps” that seemed to pop up most often at garage sales. Unfortunately, that was also around the time we were all told to “feel the burn” – and to view low-impact exercise as not really achieving much. But the truth is that bouncing on a rebounder accomplishes more than we ever imagined. It looks easy and frankly, it is easy, but what we didn’t know, is that behind this simple movement, it is equivalent (or better) to other forms of exercise – even running. In fact…

~ 6 minutes of rebounding = 1 mile of jogging.

~ 20 minutes of rebounding = 3.5 miles of jogging.

Sounds pretty good right?…

Rebounding also does astonishing things for your lymphatic system, which in simple terms means DETOX, baby! This is how our body gets rid of the nasties – by moving our lymph, we can help lower levels of systemic mold, mycotoxins, and heavy metals like mercury. It’s also an effective tool to remove environmental toxins like Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates and xeno-estrogens. In fact, it takes only 5 minutes of rebounding to recirculate the lymphatic fluid throughout your entire body! Yep, we’re talking single digit numbers when it comes to time required on the rebounder to do amazing things for your body.

~ In the first 2 minutes of rebounding, your white blood cell count is boosted as well as your immune system.

Even the scientist-types agree: NASA discovered that oxygen consumption while bouncing was up to 68% higher than while running. This means that “rebounding” on a bouncer is the single most effective exercise known to man. 

One of my favorite things about the rebounder is that it is easy on my joints, so my bum-knee and hurty hip stay happy. AND if all of this wasn’t enough – it is super FUN!! I turn on some groovy tunes, and do sort of bounce/dance. It has now become one of my favorite parts of the day! I don’t dread it like I often did with traditional exercise, and I can always go at my own pace. If I am feeling tired or sore, I can begin with just getting my heels off the surface, and as I feel better, I can go into a full jump if I choose. It’s all up to me and how I feel that day. One thing is for sure, no matter how I begin my session, I ALWAYS feel better after doing it – even 5-10 minutes boosts my physical and mental condition. I also love that the rebounder can tuck under a bed or behind a door, it isn’t weather dependent

As with most exercise equipment, the more expensive rebounders do offer benefits of being more pliable and softer on the joints, however, I have owned a $40 rebounder for almost three years and it does just fine. Besides, I’m sure there are still some to be found at garage sales, unfortunately those folks don’t know that they are sitting on the best exercise equipment around. So, if you want an exercise that is easy, fun and has endless health benefits – this is it!!