Nutritional Nightcaps

Sleep doesn’t come easily for most of us, sometimes we have to do things to increase our odds for a better nights sleep. These nutritional nightcaps can be just the thing to help you drift off to sleepy town.

capomo2Capomo (Mayan Nut):
Capomo is a seed grown in tropical Latin America, and unlike most plants, it  contains tryptophan, the same amino acid in turkey that is known for inducing drowsiness. It is also helps to relax the mind and lift the mood – perfect for winding down and preparing for a good nights sleep. Capomo is naturally caffeine free and full of essential vitamins. For fair-trade, wild harvested Capomo shop HERE, and enter NUTRIFY for a $4 coupon.


1-2 tbsp. Capomo

8-10 oz. hot water

1 tsp. raw honey (optional)

1/8 cup almond milk

In a french press, add ground Capomo and pour in hot water, let steep for 3-5 minutes and strain. Add almond milk and honey for a decadent caramel flavored drink.


Tart Cherry Juice:shutterstock_61684978
Tart cherries are incredibly rich in melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycles, so indulging in a glass of the tart but sweet ruby red liquid every morning and night will help you keep your sleep schedule on track.

Tart cherry juice can be found at most health food stores, be sure to choose one without added sugar. You can drizzle a little honey into it as desired. 6-8 oz is all that is required, much more and your sleep might be interrupted by trips to the bathroom.



Sweet Vanilla Almond Milk:

Warm and luscious, this combo will send you off to dreamy land in no time. Warm milk seems to do something psychologically that makes us calm and drowsy. Perhaps it takes us back to our days of infancy, and therefore makes us “sleep like a baby”. You can use any kind of dairy-free milk (coconut, hazelnut, hemp)


8 oz. almond milk

1 tsp. raw honey

1/8 tbsp. pure vanilla extract

Heat milk in a saucepan until hot but not boiling, add honey and vanilla and stir until blended. Pour into your favorite mug, cuddle up and enjoy.

Herbal Teas: 

Teas like Chamomile, Lavender and Peppermint are great “soothers”, if you prefer something light and refreshing, these are great choices for achieving a calm and peaceful state. Be sure to inhale the aroma from your tea, part of its magic is in the scent that it creates. Aromatherapy is a big part of what makes herbal teas so effective.

shutterstock_115307500When sweetening your bedtime drinks, it is best to use raw honey, similar to Capomo, honey contains L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid vital to our rest. It is the precursor to serotonin, which can be converted into melatonin, and melatonin is what regulates our sleep-wake cycles. Honey also creates a slight spike in insulin, which drives tryptophan across the blood-brain barrier. It is then converted into serotonin, which (in darkness) is converted in to melatonin in the pineal gland in our brain. The result is that as nighttime approaches, you have more melatonin to tell your body that it’s time for sleep. Now try and tell me that the human body isn’t absolutely remarkable!