The ONE Supplement to Own

If you only take one supplement, let it be this one…

moringaMoringa, often called the “miracle tree” is an ancient healing method in holistic medicine and beginning to get some modern world recognition for it’s astounding nutritional properties.

In parts of the world, they are using moringa to end malnutrition in children, nursing women use moringa to boost the nutritional value of their breast milk. It has been proven time and again to assist in healing many chronic conditions. I could go on and on about the many ways moringa is being used to heal – but, I will let the nutrition speak for itself.

Gram for gram moringa has:

17 x more calcium than milk

25 x more iron than spinach

15 x more potassium than bananas

10 x more vitamin a than carrots

4 x more protein than eggs

In fact, Moringa has been identified as the vegetable with the highest nutritional value among many types of food species studied.

In addition to the amazing nutritional benefits, Moringa is also known for it’s medicinal uses. With its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties it assist in healing in everything from the common cold, to chronic bronchitis and ear infections.

As with any other supplement, always buy the highest quality you can afford. Better yet, order some seeds online and plant a tree in your yard, they are hardy and easy to grow in most climates. By using all parts of the plant (seeds, leaves, and even bark) you will have a FREE pharmacy available 24/7.