Easy Peasy – Gardening 101

e16ba7ad8a3460c80bf53b897732475eAside from increasing your sense of well-being, keeping a garden can also improve your health by providing you with fresher, uncontaminated food, and the kind of nutrient-dense food that is simply unavailable in your grocery store. It will also help you reduce your grocery bill – gotta love that! And don’t worry, you don’t need vast amounts of space either, even apartment dwellers can create a well-stocked edible garden.

You can use virtually every square foot of your space to grow food, including your lateral space. Hanging baskets are ideal for a wide variety of crops, such as strawberries, leafy greens, runner beans, pea shoots, tomatoes, and a variety of herbs. And instead of flowers, window boxes can hold herbs, greens, radishes, scallions, bush beans, strawberries, chard, and chiles, for example.


Just start small, and as you get the hang of it, add another container of something else.

microYou can buy “starts” (young plants that have reached a level maturity that are ready to be transplanted) at any farmer’s market or natural food store – just be sure to buy “organic”


For some serious inspiration check out these brilliant ideas – you will be amazed at how little space you need to grow enough food for your entire family.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose – it is easy and incredibly satisfying to eat nutritious food that you grow yourself – seriously nothing tastes better!