Tasty Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

turmrootTurmeric is the latest rage in the all-natural fight of inflammation – the good news, it works!!  By incorporating just a little of this wonder-herb into your day, week or month, you will naturally be attacking nasty inflammation that causes pain as well as a whole host of health problems. This smoothie is a yummy way to incorporate fresh turmeric (usually found near the fresh ginger in the supermarket – see picture) into your diet without having to deviate from familiar ingredients and favorite flavors. You can use powdered turmeric, but as with most things, fresh is best.


1 banana

1 cup coconut milk (if using full-fat from a can just use ½ cup and add ½ cup water)

1 inch piece fresh turmeric

4-5 drops vanilla stevia (or 1 tsp. raw organic honey)

4-5 ice cubes

dash or two of pumpkin-pie spice blend (you can also add pumpkin pie puree if you happen to have that on hand)


Add all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.