Home-Made Healing Salve

shutterstock_58112056Autoimmune disease often comes with a whole host of skin issues… check out this homemade healing salve that soothes away itchy rashes associated with eczema, psoriasis and even hives.



In a blender combine equal parts (1-2 tablespoons) of the following:

turmeric chopped (fresh is best)

aloe vera (fresh if available)

coconut oil

lemon juice

add ½ -1 teaspoon sea salt

Blend into a paste and apply to areas that are red, irritated and itchy. (caution: the turmeric will temporarily stain the affected area, and be careful with bedding and clothing, it will stain those permanently…). You can cover with a cotton pad and band-aid after application to prevent staining.

Apply as often as needed, itchiness and irritation will disappear almost immediately and most red patches will be gone within a day. This stuff really works! Don’t forget to strengthen your immune system to keep future skin eruptions at bay, this magical healing elixir works wonders.