The Yeasty Beasty of Candida


Candida Albicans, or candida for short, is a yeast that exist naturally in the body. The problem with candida occurs when this yeast becomes overpopulated and seeks to infect other areas of the body – creating a systemic infection. The actual manifestation of this infection is frequently characterized by the presence of overwhelming tiredness, recurring yeast infections, and digestive problems. Besides an amplified “toxic” feeling, patients can also experience various neurological symptoms, including sugar cravings, headaches, mental fog, and poor short-term memory and other symptoms associated with this little known and frequently misdiagnosed problem.

A systemic candida infection can have multiple causes, including antibiotic overuse, immunosuppressive drugs (such as prednisone and methotrexate), hormonal imbalance (birth control pills), high-sugar diets, dysfunctional immune system, and excessive stress. Any of this sound familiar?…

In his book published in 1983, Dr. William Crook set the basic criteria for a diagnosis: a history of repeated  or prolonged courses of antibacterial drugs or steroids, taking “the pill” for more than three years, and the presence of the aforementioned symptoms in combination with unusual sensitivity to chemical odors such as perfumes and colognes. (ummm, guilty as charged…on all accounts)

The most effective way to treat a Candida infection is to use a multi-faceted approach to control or manage the disease. Many alternative health experts recommend using probiotics, anti-fungal foods and herbs in combination with an eating plan that cuts off the food source of the yeast, which is primarily starches and sugars. This type of diet limits the consumption of simple carbohydrates and processed foods, while promoting fresh vegetables, fruit, small servings of certain grains, and high-quality animal products.

Candida is a beastly issue, but in order to recover your health, it must be addressed. It is said that every person with cancer has a systemic case of candida infection. There are some that even speculate that it was the candida that caused the cancer, of course the scientific jury is still out on that, but I will tell you from personal experience it can be to blame for making people feel like shit, and that (for me) is enough reason to rid yourself of it.

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