Dear Body, A Love Letter

heart1Dear Body,

You and I have not always had the best relationship. I have taken you for granted, called you names like “fat” and “ugly”. I have abused you with alcohol, crappy food, too much sun, too little sleep and expected you to perform perfectly, regardless. I have placed blame on you for being sick and causing me terrible pain. I have pointed the finger (yes, that finger) at you for preventing me from having the life I always imagined. I have shamed you, time and time again, for having scars and wrinkles and cellulite. I have even had the audacity to disgrace you in front of others by pointing out your “flaws”.

Body, I am here to tell you just how wrong I have been, and that my love and adoration for you grows deeper everyday. I am in awe of your ability to be so forgiving of my indiscretions and to continue to heal in spite of them. I am grateful for your ability to overlook my disrespectful behavior towards you. Your loyalty and continued strides to overcome all that has been handed to you is nothing short of an inspiration. I no longer see those scars as something to be ashamed of. I now wear them as badges of honor, demonstrating your strength to undergo such trauma for the betterment of me. To know that you continually recovered from even the most invasive of surgeries and never even thought twice about it. I see the wrinkles and now have a fondness for all of the experiences and places in the world you have taken me and feel a deep appreciation, that it is with you, I have shared my life. I can even look at the cellulite now with tenderness, knowing that all along you were protecting my vital organs by placing it (ever so strategically) on my butt. I see your desire to survive, so that I, in turn, can thrive. I’m here today, Body, because of your unwavering efforts and I promise to make you proud.

I vow to you, to not only feed you the most nutritious foods, but to also nourish you and treat you with loving kindness. I promise to listen to you and never ignore your cautious voice. I promise to cherish you in a way that honors the life and the struggles we have had, and overcome – together. I promise to do my best to make up for all the times I pretended that I was the one who knew best. I hope to have many many more years to make it up to you.

Thank you, Body, for always steering me in the right direction and giving me a life that is even better than I ever could have imagined.

I promise to love, honor and cherish you, Body  – until death do us part.