They Call it What?!

shutterstock_19025032Who hasn’t gotten a look like this from someone while explaining their autoimmune disease?

The world of autoimmune disease is one of serious confusion and inconsistency. It can take years of people suffering with these conditions to be diagnosed and even longer to recieve treatment. Of course, if you are one of the “lucky” ones to get a timely diagnosis, it can often lead to endless questions regarding finding the right doctor, the right treatment plan and even the right insurance coverage. For those who have crossed the hurdle of getting some sort of diagnosis, the myriad of treatment options are often equally as convoluted as the name of the disease itself. With terms like Undifferentiated Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Meniere’s, Ankylosing Spondiltis, even Lupus…(they certainly aren’t the prettiest of names, are they?). No wonder people give us such funny looks. The truth is, it’s not all that often that someone wants to know more about an illness with such a complicated or downright ugly name. We’re not nearly as “sexy” as the cancer people, instead we’re a little like the land of misfit toys. We have vague, and ever-changing symptoms, along with a whole host of “invisible” complaints, making us, by far, the most difficult group to diagnose. This often leaves people feeling confused and misunderstood for years! Even in spite of having a clear-cut diagnosis, the rate at which people are suffering from autoimmune issues is staggering, and on the rise.

Those of us with these diseases do our best to explain them to well-meaning friends and family who simply don’t understand why we are unable to get out of bed for days at a time. We patiently sit through belittling questions and blank stares only to be asked if maybe we should see a psychologist. These “invisible” diseases are incredibly tough to bear, with the physical pain we’ve learned to smile through, or the crippling fatigue we fight every day, just to appear “normal”. We work damn hard just to be upright most times, and for that, it seems unfair that we often get doctors who shrug their shoulders at us. Honestly, it’s not the doctors fault, they’re trying to keep up, but, these mysterious diseases that attack our immune system are running amok in the Western world and showing no mercy by affecting those of all ages. Unfortunately, the more we pollute our air, water, and bodies, the more susceptible everyone will be to these diseases. Luckily, one thing that all autoimmune diseases have in common, is that they are reversable! (How’s that for some good news…?!)

It isn’t easy having a disease that is hard to pronounce, or that few people have heard of, or even a disease that the experts don’t fully understand. In spite of that, we have the opportunity to heal ourselves and our environments, possibly even lightening the load for the next generation. It’s time to start reversing the damage of these illnesses and move towards preventing them altogether. Are you ready to restore your own health and vitality? I’m here to help you do just that.