5 Ways to Alkalize FAST

Ok, so now you’ve done it…You’re sitting looking at a clean plate after scarfing down some less than desirable tasty treats. You’re suddenly recalling there wasn’t a green hue anywhere amidst the predominant yellow-food that you just consumed…not even a sprig of ornamental parsley to suckle on. Have no fear! Using any of these 5 steps, we can get your body back to an alkalized state, fast!

shutterstock_1357218231). First line of defense, drink a humongous glass of lemon or lime water, extra lemon or lime if ya got it. This will help alkalize you immediately and help to balance out the more acidic foods you may have consumed.

2). Sip on a warm mug of water with apple cider vinegar. This too will alkalize your system and also provide you with minerals and digestive enzymes to aid in the digestive process, especially helpful after a heavy or starchy meal.

3). Snack on some cucumber slices. These will help hydrate you, provide essential enzymes and keep that alkalizing power flowing.


4). Enjoy a nice big salad with lots of dark greens as your next meal. This will help provide you with all the yummy alkalizing greens your body will be craving.

5). Add Chlorella or Spirulina, by tossing a spoonful of spirulina over your salad or adding some chlorella into your smoothie, you are enhancing the alkalizing power. These two superfoods are some of the world’s richest sources of chlorophyll which puts them in the “detoxifier” category. They are  great sources of: B vitamins, calcium, iron, essential fatty acids and zinc.

Now you’re back on track – hey, life happens! By using these steps you’ll always be able to keep those acidic foods from getting you tipped over.