The Autoimmune Connection

When it comes to autoimmune disease, there is A LOT of confusion. Even doctors are having a tough time providing solid information about these mysterious illnesses, mostly because these weren’t very big issues a few decades ago. But now, with the numbers of new patients with autoimmune disease on the rise, it’s time to identify the cause and turn these things around – fast!

connectThe fact of the matter is, our bodies are designed to adapt in order to survive. When it comes to food our bodies are continuously trying to make sense of what we feed them. For decades now, a majority of our food has been altered from what our bodies were designed to thrive on. The Standard American Diet (SAD) has consisted primarily on “faux-foods”, that are manufactured with the use of chemicals and by-products (non-foods) and packaged into a plastic container which in itself is toxic. Very little of what I ate between the ages of 5-35 was actual fresh organic food from the earth. I was raised on the typical American fare of microwave friendly foods, all sorts of tasty treats that came in a bag or a box, fake-o cheese products, none of which was actually food that our bodies were designed to eat. I haven’t even mentioned that ALL of these foods were made with genetically modified organisms, which until the 1970’s, the human body had never seen before. For the first time in human-kind we were putting poisons into our bodies and calling them foods.

Our bodies have actually done an amazing job at adapting, in spite of not being fed the necessary ingredients to sustain life. However, as our bodies continue to struggle to survive, they are over-compensating in the form of disease. In the case of auto-immune disease, our bodies knew these “Franken-foods” weren’t intended to support us, so they in turn responded to these invaders by becoming “intolerant”, sending our immune systems into a tizzy.

shutterstock_12700213With each chemical or foreign by-product that entered our systems, our immune systems would be triggered and on constant alert. After years and years of this, and the constant attempt for our bodies to adapt, our immune systems can no longer distinguish friend from foe, so it begins to attack anything and everything. Nearly every food becomes an offender (which results in multiple food sensitivities). We begin to feel sluggish, we have chronic diarrhea and or constipation, our skin begins to break out. When we ignore these warning signs and continue piling these offending foods into ourselves, our bodies do what they are designed to do, survive. So, they keep making antibodies to fight the offenders and soon your whole system is in a state of rejection to everything foreign. Allergies often become a real problem, food sensitivities go into full-on intolerance’s and cause damage to the lining of our intestinal tracts (resulting in things like colitis and crohn’s disease). Seasonal allergies become crippling, even the threat of anaphylaxis is heightened. We may begin to suffer from hives or other skin disturbances. This is our body screaming for help. Our immune system is over-run after doing it’s job all these years and through the most demanding of circumstances. It is saying “no more!”.

We were never intended to be fed nutrient-less by-products of food, or the toxic chemicals that make something shelf-stable, or manufactured food-stuff that is irradiated before it is packaged in plastic (these are just a box a wheat-thins I just described). Can you imagine the trouble a bag of Cheetos might cause. The problem is I never thought about it, I grew up trusting that what was put on supermarket shelves was food. Sure, we all knew some were better than others, but we all assumed no one would never feed us something that wasn’t edible. Well, ‘they’ did, and they will continue to do so. Just because none of us keeled over after one bite, doesn’t mean these things aren’t poison. Luckily our bodies are keeping us alive long enough to repay the favor, and finally feed it what it has been starved for all of these years. The good news is, with our amazing and ever-adapting bodies built to survive, we have the ability to arm ourselves with the tools to turn things around, be well and live active lives again.