Acidity in the Body

It might come as a surprise to learn that much of the pain associated with musculoskeletal dysfunctions (like fibromyalgia and arthritis), is caused by too much acid build-up in the bodies tissues. This excess acid results in deep burning pain within the muscle or joint. To some, this explanation might seem all too simple, but we can all imagine what happens on the outside of our body when it comes into contact with something acidic, it burns and causes irritation, inflammation and pain. The same is true when our muscles, tendons and ligaments are swimming in an acidic environment, they too become irritated and painful. You might wonder “how did the acid get there?”, the answer is through many years of a Standard American Diet (read: meat, cheese and soda). Eating diets that simply don’t provide enough alkalinity (read: fresh green stuff) to balance out the acid that certain foods cause, results in acid accumulating at a rate far greater than can be neutralized by the small amounts of fruits and vegetables consumed.

The good news!… We can rectify this! First, we must get this excess acidity out of our bodies and the absolute best way to do that is to crowd it out with alkalinity (yup, you guessed it, green stuff). We can do this by saturating our bodies with foods that are rich in alkaline. (see chart)

acidic-alkaline-phchartWe can also support the bodies ability to detoxify itself. This can be done with foods, herbs, detoxifying methods and even colonic support.

So, if your diet has been high in acidic foods (you know who you are), its time to clean house and flood the body with the healing and soothing properties of alkalizing foods, and encourage additional detoxification to rid the body of acidic impurities.

Here is a wonderfully alkalizing smoothie that will get you off to a great start.