Don’t Forget to Flush!

Flushing toxins out of our bodies is crucial when it comes to healing. Those of us with chronic illness undoubtedly have additional toxins from medications, the environment and maybe even a less than perfect diet. Adding some simple steps to our daily routines can help rid our bodies of these damaging toxins that have been occupying our cells for years. There are also some bigger steps you can take to increase the amount of detoxing, if you so choose.

Diet: incorporating cleansing foods and into our diet is the quickest and easiest way to begin the detoxifying process. Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts are wonderful at grabbing hold of those toxins and getting them out of our bodies. All those beautiful leafy greens are excellent detoxifiers as well, so grab a handful and make this Detox Smoothie.

One of the best things you can do for the sake of detoxification is to start every day with a large glass of warm water with fresh lemon or lime. This flushes all the toxins your liver has been working all night to coral and helps to send them on their way. It also alkalizes your system immediately and hydrates you after a night of sleep.

Herbs: there are several herbs that can help stimulate additional cleansing, most of which target the liver and encourage the release of toxins. One of the best herbs for detoxifying is turmeric. Check out my recipe for Turmeric Tea that infuses the cleansing properties of turmeric and ginger. There is also a natural product known as diatomaceous earth, which is a fantastic tool to use for detoxification purposes. It is gentle, and something easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Dry-brushing: the skin is our largest organ and while we might not be aware of it, is also a great vehicle to release built up toxins. By performing a technique called dry-brushing, we not only slough away old dead skin cells to give our skin an opportunity to breathe, but we also help stimulate our lymphatic system. Using a dry, stiff bristle brush (preferably made of natural fibers), start at your feet. Begin with a circular “sweeping” motion and work all the way up your leg. The goal here is to not only stimulate the lymph which lies deep under your skin, but to also slough off any old skin cells in the process, so be as a aggressive as you can tolerate. Continue up over your buttocks, paying a little homage if you have stubborn cellulite there, this works wonders on that stuff! Once you have done both legs in similar fashion, move to your hands and work up each arm, making sure to sweep the brush in an upwards motion. You then move to your back (as much as possible) and, working towards your heart, finish up with your chest and stomach. Once done you will feel invigorated. This is a wonderful practice to perform every morning before your shower.

Enemas/Colonic: these are wonderful tools to use to accelerate the detoxifying process. But, let’s face it, not all of us are on board with “invasive” techniques. However, hopefully I will help you put those thoughts to rest and assure you these practices are not only safe but highly effective getting massive amounts of toxins out of your body quickly. It’s perfectly ok if these things aren’t for you, the other methods listed here will show results as well.

Sweating: this can come in the form of exercise of course, although many of you might be struggling with debilitating pain and fatigue, so working out isn’t always an option. It is extremely important we do what we can to sweat. A hot steamy bath infused with some detoxifying agents, such as epsom salts. Far infrared saunas are highly beneficial as well, although one must use caution since they are not recommended with those suffering from Lupus. (my recommendation is to use this as a last step in the healing process, when your pain has been managed and is under control, they can be very cleansing. I suggest, however you not use it while you are still dealing with high levels of inflammation).

Rebounding: Ok, for all of you that are dealing with pain and fatigue, this is actually a great option for you! Using a small trampoline, called a rebounder, you can gently jump up and down which stimulates your lymph system releasing oodles of toxins that have been trapped deep in your tissues. Lymph fluid relies on bodily movement and exercise to drive it through the lymphatic system. Forceful  flushing of the system cleanses lymph nodes, contributes to healthy, clear lymph fluid, and boosts the immune system. Stagnant, slow-moving and thick lymph fluid is due to a lethargic, toxic body and weakened immune system.

Most rebounders come with a balance bar, so even if you are ill or weak, there is still a safe way to get your lymph moving.

Just a few minutes a day will do wonders, and it’s pretty fun as well. You can learn more about the benefits of rebounding here.