Heal Thy Self…?

shutterstock_76446397It took me a while to grasp the concept that my body wanted to heal itself. I grew up believing everything doctors told me, if they told me to take this pill, or that pill, or follow a certain procedure, I did it. But never once did a doctor tell me that my body is designed to heal itself if given the opportunity. When I was initially diagnosed with autoimmune disorders, it seemed the right thing to do was to follow doctors orders. It wasn’t until I realized many months into this plan, how few answers the doctors really had, not only about my condition, but the right way of treating it. I quickly found out that treatment was based on a lot of trial and error and a little too much “watch and wait” for my taste. I was sick NOW, and getting worse every week, and they wanted me to watch and wait?! I had read a few articles about natural alternatives, it was always something I had dabbled in with previous ailments, but because I was conditioned to look for the “quick fix”, I never stuck with it. A couple of articles lead to more online research which lead to a couple of life-altering documentaries (Food Matters and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead). These were incredibly inspiring and I had more “aha” moments that I could count. I began to really understand that the body does indeed want to heal itself, even from mysterious diseases of the immune system. I began to think it might be possible for me as well. The fact that the prescribed meds only made matters worse for me, helped push me over the hump and begin my journey towards natural recovery, and I have never looked back.

If you too believe your body wants to heal itself, I’m here to provide the proper tools to help you do just that. My purpose is to make your journey to wellness a little easier than mine was, eliminating a lot of the trial and error, and giving you solid ways to see improvement quickly.

Check out these inspirational documentaries and see for yourself how many people are taking control of their health and getting thier lives back.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Food Matters