Even Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Changing your diet and lifestyle can feel like an overwhelming task, especially when you are struggling just to keep the routine you’ve got. Maybe you’re like I was and couldn’t even contemplate adopting a whole new (and different) way of eating, I was too exhausted to even put a meal (that I already knew how to cook) on the table, how the heck was I going to perform a diet exorcism when I barely even had the energy to shower most days. Sure, all these changes sounded appealing, especially when I knew they would benefit me… eventually. Just living with chronic illness and the pain and fatigue that come with it, is often more than we can handle without rocking the boat. We work three times as hard as most healthy people to do to perform the same tasks, and on top of that we NEVER feel rested. So how are we supposed to drive across town to the health food store, spend an hour looking for an ingredient we’ve never heard of or that special herb that’s impossible to pronounce, and still have enough energy to go to your kids soccer practice? Having chronic illness is already a lot to take on, how on earth can we begin to change our diets, eliminating MOST of what we eat today and not to mention, the task of converting the family (ugh). I know, I’ve been there and felt the same overwhelmed feeling as you do reading about all of these “super foods” that promise to make you feel better…but when, because we all know things don’t happen overnight. We need to feel better, like YESTERDAY! One thing I have learned is sometimes it’s all about baby steps.

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Here are a few simple things you can work into your existing routine that will begin paying off tomorrow! No need going nuts, throwing all the food in the house out, or declaring that the whole family is now going raw! Radical changes are always more difficult to embrace than subtle ones that can take root. Commit yourself to one small change, and when it becomes a habit, add another.

1). Start the day with a big cup of warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. This helps to alkalize your body and to wake up your digestive system. you will find that this will help get things moving even better than coffee 🙂

2). Have 1 green smoothie a day. This makes a great breakfast, the perfect way to start the day, but really, it can be anytime. Perhaps a mid-afternoon snack, just try to be consistent, it will help establish the habit. Here are some easy recipes and even shopping lists for a weeks worth of green goodness. Best of all, the ingredients are all at your local grocery store!  The recipes here are sweet and delicious, kids especially love them. So get them involved, they can even help. Booyah!, you just got the family on board without even trying.

3). Do a 5 minute personal meditation as you are laying quietly in bed.  This is a great time to quiet your mind and time to connect with you. (after the tv is off, the books are closed and the lights are out, follow one of these simple mantras as you unwind and drift off to sleep).

{While lying in bed, focus on your breath. Relax your body, letting go of any tension. As you take a slow relaxed inhale think of the word “rest”, and as you exhale, think of the word “relax”. Follow this pattern repeating the correlating word as you inhale and exhale until you drift off to sleep.}

By working any or all of these things into your existing routine, you will see and feel the benefits. Sometimes it just takes one small step in the right direction, and the rest will follow.