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Kick-start your recovery with 30 days of delicious, healing smoothies. Download your recipe guide and get started today.

Nutrify for Life is a revitalizing and holistic alternative for those living with autoimmune disease or wanting to naturally restore their body back to healthy exuberance.

Kick-start your journey to wellness.

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Health & Wellness
The Nutrify Lifestyle

Meet Katie

I know, first hand that it is possible to fully reverse something as serious as Autoimmune disease. I also know how daunting it can feel to make even the smallest lifestyle changes when faced with daily pain and endless fatigue.

If you are struggling with autoimmune disease and looking to incorporate natural methods of healing into your lifestyle, please pause for a moment, while I give you a standing ovation! You are one of the brave people who are willing to take accountability for your health, and in turn, reap the enormous benefits that will follow. So, keep moving forward!

It’s my mission to share with you everything it took me years to learn (the hard way!), so that you can experience the same successes. Everyone deserves to live free of crippling pain and debilitating fatigue. Your journey back to wellness starts here.

Retreats and Cleanses

Kick start your return to great health and vitality with our exclusive Retreat Program or schedule a RENEW Reset Cleanse for the next time you’re in Sayulita, Mexico.

The Retreat Program

The Nutrify for Life Retreat Program has been designed to elevate your wellness journey. Learn everything you need to know to enjoy a life free of pain and fatigue from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Our supportive approach to healing will guide you back to healthy living in no time.

Renew Reset Cleanse – Sayulita

If you’re lucky enough to live in (or visit) Sayulita, Mexico, you can enjoy some sunshine and surf while treating your body to a healthy ‘reset’. The Nutrify for Life cleansing retreat offers monthly health-enhancing cleanses aimed to assist the body’s natural healing abilities. Sign up today!